Why Should We Play with the Mavericks

Why is Mavericks the best home for your child competitive soccer needs?

High-level coaches who have the experience and knowledge to develop your child’s skills:

While high-level skills, tactical understanding, and a hard-working attitude will lead to success on the field, Mavericks emphasizes having a learning culture all the way through the club. Fair playing times that represents each player’s commitment to their teammates, coach and the club. We strive to develop soccer players and teams, so we don’t look to continually place teams in an environment where all they do is win, we challenge the players and the teams to develop, and understand that losing is all part of the development process. 

Mavericks is the oldest and most experienced competitive soccer program in the area:

Mavericks has been around for nearly 50 years developing soccer players who have gone onto play at all levels into adulthood, many former players have returned to coach within our program gaining experience through our young coaches program. Mavericks provides a pathway for the most talented players from U14 and above being the only permanent member of the NPL (National Premier League) in the I-80 corridor, which is the highest level of players through Norcal Premier.  

Mavericks Soccer Club utilizes a United State Soccer Federation (USSF) endorsed age appropriate development curriculum

Published on the Mavericks website each coach, player, and teams follow an age-appropriate development curriculum that has been endorsed by the United States Soccer Federation. Mavericks ensure that its training program changes to ensure the players are receiving the most up to date training methods and ideas that evolve as the players develop.

The Mavericks, Director of Coaching and Director of Soccer Operations: Builds the training curriculum for each team, hires only skilled and licensed coaches with extensive playing and coaching experience. Mavericks also have high-level technical directors to develop our coaches and assist with their session development and in-game management.   

Mavericks only endorse a positive coaching environment:

Mavericks protect the fun experience of playing for all our players by enforcing a code conduct for coaches and parents to follow. We only encourage feedback in the positive form. 

Mavericks Injury Prevention Program:

Mavericks Soccer Club have built an injury prevention program that helps minimize the chance of injury but also provides information and support for injured players through the Return to Play program. Mavericks prioritized concussion prevention, recognition, and recovery for all players. Coaches that are annually trained in concussion management and the curriculum is designed to assist young players with training and education to minimize the chance of a concussion injury.   

Specialized Training Clinics for all:

Mavericks host additional specialized training age-specific training clinics for any player. The clinics range from Goalkeeper Training to Striker and Finishing clinics alongside Academy training and the 1000 touch technical training. All ran by Mavericks professional coaching staff.

Providing over 40% of our players with financial aid to allow any to play a Mavericks Soccer Club:

In such a diverse region Mavericks Soccer Club never turns a player away from playing. Our board of directors works incredibly hard to ensure that any player who has the talent to has the opportunity to play soccer at Mavericks. With a simple bi-lingual application process any family has the opportunity to apply for financial aid.

Encouraging Futsal training as part of our year-round training curriculum: 

Popularized on the street of Brazil this small-sided game has been credit with developing some of the worlds best soccer players. With three Brazilian coaches on staff a Mavericks we are ideally placed to ensure our players will benefit from this skill accelerator for of the game.

Mavericks Soccer Coach encourage and help with continuing year-round learning:

Coaches at Mavericks love the game, they have played high levels from a young age, our coaches keep up to date with modern training methods. Mavericks Soccer provide our coaches with financial support to allow them to improve their licensing and the club has numerous USSF A, B, and C licensed coaches on staff Our Director of Coaching encourages our coaches to attend regional educational course throughout the local area throughout the year.