Tryout FAQ

Tryout FAQ

Questions about Mavericks tryouts process, offers and what to expect...

Do I need to register for Tryouts?

Pre-registration is highly encouraged. Walk-up registrations will be accepted, but make sure to come early to complete the paperwork. Pre-registration can be done by clicking here.

How do I know what age group my child is in?

Please see the age group matrix by clicking here

How many tryout sessions do I need to attend?

Players are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible. A minimum of one session must be attended to be considered for a team. The more sessions players attend the better the coaches can evaluate each players specific playing level. Offers will be made beginning after the first session and continue through the other sessions until the roster is filled.

How early should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your age group's scheduled starting time. This will allow ample time to check your child in and make sure they are not late joining the activities.

What Should I Bring?

Each player should bring a soccer ball, shin guards, and a water bottle. Players should also wear a plain t-shirt (no comp/select jerseys).

What is the tryout process?

Tryouts are managed by the Mavericks SC professional coaching staff and over seen by the Director of Coaching. They will include a number of drills to help the coaches evaluate each player's skill level. Drills will include a number of individual skill assessments as well as small-sided games (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc) to evaluate team play. At the end of each session the Director of Coaching will address the parents to provide an update and answer questions.

It is important to note that coaches will not only be looking for athletic ability and soccer knowledge, but also other skills like the ability to listen and follow instructions.

How will I know if I make a team?

If a Coach wishes to make your son/daughter an offer to join their team they will either contact you at the field after the tryout session or via phone after the session. Players who receive offers will have until the beginning of the next tryout session to determine if they want to accept/decline the offer. You will never be pressured to accept an offer on the spot during the first two days of tryouts.

Following the final day of tryouts all spots will be filled, All players will be notified if they have made a team or not no later than 48 hours after the last tryout session for their age group.

Can I tryout for the age group above?

Requests for playing up an age group will be handled on an individual basis. Any player wishing to play up will need to attend tryouts for both their age group as well as the older age group. Typically, for a player to play up they will need to be ranked in the top 5 for the older team to be considered