The Building Blocks (U6-U8)

The Building Blocks - U6 to U8

Age plays a big factor in the way children learn, especially when the learning process involves both mental and physical activity. Soccer educators play a critical role in selecting the appropriate content and methodology to correctly develop youth soccer players. All Mavericks training sessions are adapted to the age of the players, always taking into consideration the characteristics of human and player development. 

Younger players at this age levels do not have the same capacity to understand the environment around them like adults. Players at these age groups are still developing and gathering the experience necessary to interact with their surroundings. Children need to build their own experiences on and off the field.  Coaches will focus their trainings and exercises to the individual. The very basic tactical components must be used in small-sided games. Training sessions must be engaging, fun and treated more like a physical education class. 

Key Training Characteristics 

  • Training session must be based around play. All practices must be based around fun, engaging and rewarding games.

  • Maximum exposure with the ball is required; players must be encouraged to experiment by themselves.

  • Players must be encourage to build relationships with other players and develop the understanding of responsibilities within the team environment

  • Developing motor skills like walking, running and jumping must be combined with basic ball manipulation and control alongside encouraging mental confidence.