Developmental Stage U13-U14

Developmental Stage - U13 -U14

Age plays a big factor in the way  children learn, especially when the learning process involves both mental and physical activity. Soccer educators play a critical role in selecting  the appropriate content and methodology to correctly develop youth soccer players. All Mavericks training sessions are adapted to the age of the players, always taking into consideration the characteristics of human and player development. 

At this age group, players are beginning to gain a good understanding of the game. However due to physical limitations in strength and size and the player’s physical and mental changes that are taking place, development of players needs to occur in a safe and healthy manner. Coaches are mandated to avoid overtraining and to train with a focus on tactical and technical elements over physical elements. Tactical training is based on strategy, positioning and understanding set play and is of the up most importance for players to learn at this age.  

Key Training Characteristics 

  • Training sessions should evolve around tactical training and players should have the opportunity to practice in larger spaces

  • Technical development continues and practicing all types of footskills and techniques areimportant

  • Strength and endurance should be a part of the fitness training of players. 

  • Warm ups and cool downs must take and important role as players are experience significant changes to their bodies.

  • Dynamic stretching increase flexibility for players

  • Players’ must develop discipline at this stage of their development.

  • Coaches’ instruction must be followed during trainings and games