Playing Time Policy

Mavericks Soccer Club Play Time Club Policy 

The  goal  of  the  Mavericks  is  the  development  of  every  player  so  that  the  player  is  able  to play  at his or her highest  level of  skill  and ability.  The coaching staff understand that each player need sufficant playing time to assist with their learning at training.                                                                                                                     

To  ensure  the essential  development  of  all  players, each  player  should  be  allowed  sufficient  playing  time  during  all competitive games.  It is the club offical policy that  each  player  should  play  an  average  of  50%  of  the  time  during competitive  games  with  the  following  general guidelines.

  • Player  shows up regularly to  practice.

  • Player is healthy and ready to play.

  • Player is complying with the rules prescribed by the team.

  • Player maintains discipline on and off the field.

  • Player’s effort, behavior, and attitude meet or exceed expectations prescribed by the team.

Policy does NOT apply to State Cup or tournament elimination games.