Return to Play Policy

Maverick Soccer Club Return to Play Policy (Non Concussion)

During the soccer season, there will inevitably times when players within the club sustain injuries. The club has a responsibility to the players, coaches, and families to make sure that players returning from an injury are given to time and proper reintroduction to full-time play.

Mavericks Soccer Club places a high priority on the health and safety of the players. When a player is returning from an injury, the transition back to play is the most critical period in determining their safe and successful return to soccer. These steps are in place to help guide that process.

A. If a player has sustained an injury requiring medical attention, both of the following are required before the coach may allow the player to return to play:
1)    a release note from the physician handed to the Director of Coaching
2)    the player must state that he or she is ready to return to play

B. Once a player has satisfied the above requirements, she/he will be eased back to full participation in a gradual manner which includes:
1)    testing light activity first
2)    limiting the duration of running/playing in relation to how long the player has been out and his/her current condition, then gradually progressing
3)    If symptoms recur, then the player may not progress, and symptoms must resolve prior to resuming prior activity level

C. Return to match play:
1)    The player must have a minimum of one practice session during which the player was able to play at full intensity without recurrence of symptoms
2)    The duration of playing time during the match(es) will be limited until he/she is back to full condition

The coaches have specific guidelines to follow for this process. 
There are some exceptions which require approval from the DOC and/or medical advisor.
Return-to-play after a concussion is separate from this process and has a very specific protocol.