Mavericks U14 Training Curriculum

Mavericks U14 Training Curriculum 

Mavericks Soccer Club training sessions for all age groups cover tactical, technical, physical and psychological elements. Each training session is organized into three blocks 1, Warm-up,  2, main part (which includes technical, physical and tactical exercises) and 3, scrimmages. The season plan relates to age-specific requirements for each player within the team environment. These change as players grow and develop, the higher the number within the practice content the higher the importance at the specific age (#5 are essential for the development of players at this age group, #0 is not required at this age group)

Intermediate Stage Training Sessions

WARM UP (10 min) 

  • Passing, possession & transition practices, stretching & dynamic movement


Technical (20 min)

  • Unopposed practices to develop speed of play and opposed practices to develop competitiveness. Opposed practices are more realistic and game oriented. Unopposed practice must have a time restriction

Physical (15 min)

  • Exercises based on agility, various types of speed (reaction, acceleration and acyclic speed), aerobic capacity and explosive strength.

Tactical (20 min)

  • Use the contrast of small spaces to develop speed of play and big spaces to develop the understanding how to work in units.

SCRIMMAGE (25 min)

  • Free gams based on speed of play, movement off the ball & quick defensive transition