Mavericks Soccer Club Core Values

Mavericks Soccer Club Core Values

Individual Excellence - Collective Greatness

At Mavericks Soccer Club we continually strive to achieve individual excellence and collective greatness on and off the field. The club achieves its success by ensuring that its core values are at the heart of everything we implement within our community.

Player Development  

Development of individual players within a team setting is done with a thought for the player’s respective need today and with an eye on the future. We do this by maximizing the soccer potential in all players with age-appropriate training to complement the team’s growth. 

Human Development

Soccer can be a vehicle for instilling important life qualities into young people so they can address and overcome challenges they face today and in the future as an adult. Qualities such as leadership, creativity, responsibility, and honesty.  Mavericks coaches and staff look for opportunities to discuss and provide instruction in these areas as part of the player’s overall experience so they can achieve a well-rounded and healthy life. We do this in a manner that allows the players the freedom to love the game in a positive and fun environment.